Needle and Dread

I do not generally change an hourly rate.

For an accurate quote on prices for new dreads or extensions I need to know how long your hair is, the thickness, texture and the thickness of dreads you want.

For maintenance I need to know how long your dreads are, how old they are and roughly how many you have, a medium thickness (30-40 dreads) shoulder length headfulls would be around £45.

Dread removals (the act of trimming and then combing out dreads) can be done on fairly immature dreads, it generally costs in the region of £100.

Temporary synthetic or wool dread installation costs £30 for double ended dreads and £45 for single ended dreads.
I make these from scratch to order.

For those who have friends or relatives with dreads that could use some love, I also offer gift certificates.

I also love working on a trade basis, I have in the past traded dreadlock services for tattoos, piercings, crocheted items, screenprinting and ukulele lessons. Please feel free to enquire if you have a skill or a trade that you think we could exchange.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.