Needle and Dread

Before your appointment

Please be sure to do your research in to what new dreads are like; they stick up sideshow Bob style for the first few weeks, they are fuzzy and generally pretty crazy looking BUT they will settle down soon enough and start tightening and maturing, be sure you feel you have the patience to last through the dreadling period, it’s all part of the process.

You may want to bring a hat or headband to the first appointment.

Please make sure your hair is clean, brushed and unconditioned. If you want to give your dreads a little helping hand, wash your hair in salted water a few times before you come to get your dreads started.

If you are head sore or have trouble sitting still, please tell me whilst you are booking the appointment as it will take longer.

If you are coming for maintenance PLEASE make sure your dreads are clean. I don’t want my hands covered in your dandruff and grease any more than you do. That being said, don’t wash them on the day, as I need them to be dry to perform maintenance.


The main thing you need to focus on is palm rolling, the easiest way to describe this is to imagine you are rolling a play dough sausage, don't press too hard just gently roll your dreads back and forth. You should try to palm roll each new dread at least once a week, I find it's best to just roll them at random whenever you are sat bored with your hands free.

Your new dreads will most likely stick up Sideshow Bob style for the first few weeks, if you don't appreciate this style then you can wear a hat of headband to tame them, however whenever you are alone I recommend keeping them uncovered and letting them move freely so that they can matt evenly.


At first I advise to leave washing them for as long as you can stand it, a minimum of 2 weeks. for the first few washes I recommend using salted water, 2 tablespoon fulls in a sink of water is enough, gently swish your dreads around in the water then gentley squeeze all the excess water from your dreads, avoid hairdryers for the first few months. After a while you can start using residue free shampoo, a good way to check if your shampoo is residue free is to lather your hand and then rinse it off, if you can feel or smell the shampoo in any way then you should avoid it. I personally use Head & Shoulders anti dandruff shampoo. Obviously DON'T use conditioner.


After the first few months you may notice your dreads start to feel loose at the roots, to help them lock up, hold your hand flat against your head, pinch a dread between your fingers and then rub your head in little clockwise circles, do this till the dread root feels 'puffy'. Then leave it alone, the puffiness will subside over night and tighten into new dread growth.


Dreads mature and neaten slowly so you might consider maintenance, I offer this as a service or alternatively you can get a crochet hook and tuck in the loose hair yourself, there are many tutorials available on youtube.

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.