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Needle and Dread

Please feel free to email me at , via text message on [phone] or through my Facebook page.

For more examples of my work check out the Gallery or my Facebook page.

I work primarily from my Housetruck which is normally located in Hulme, a lovely little hamlet 15 minutes away from Manchester city centre and easily accessible by public transport.
However I am often found meandering around Hebden Bridge every other week so I am happy to work from Hebden if that's easier for you to access.

I am also happy to travel anywhere in the UK providing train fare and £5 per hour spent travelling is covered.

I offer couch crash space to out-of-towners who are visiting to have their dreads noodled.

I have 2 (very friendly!) dogs and occasionally foster and help to rehome dogs, these dogs can be kept in a separate room if you are not a dog person but allergy sufferers should have their dreads done outside of my home.