About Me

Needle and Dread

I have been working with dreads and alternative hair for over ten years and have developed my own technique using crochet hooks and felting needles - NO WAX, LATEX, GLUE or any other quick-fixes that make your hair temporarily neat but cause long term damage to the development and maturation of your dreads. I have large amounts of experience & understanding about how hair tangles & what can be done to facilitate & expediate the process without causing damage down the road. As long as it's at least 3 inches long I can make dreadlocks on almost any hair type.

I can make dreadlocks from scratch, extend new or existing dreads with either natural or synthetic hair, fatten thin or damaged locks, and repair and maintain dreadlocks. I can also do braids with or without extensions or Synthetic temporary dreadlocks that can last up 7 weeks.

I reserve the right to refuse to start dreads if I feel the hair is too thin or damaged to support healthy dreadlocks.

Over the years I have hosted several dreadlocking workshops and put on occasional short courses, teaching people to start and maintain dreads. Keep an eye on the Needleanddreadfacebook to keep up to date with upcoming courses.